Internet and Phone Service

We have no Cell Signal or Guest Wifi.

Because our location is so remote, there is literally only one wifi provider.  This provider unfortunately is the most unreliable and slow, worst yet, its insanely expensive.   It only supports one device at a time, and they charge us $120 per 25mbs.  When it rains or is overcast, there is no signal.  For this reason, we do not offer guests wifi access.

Nor is there cell signal.  No 5g, no 4g, no LTE, and not even 3g!  Occasionally some members have miraculously gotten 1 bar when they needed it, we are charmed like that.  But the 1 bar is rare, don’t expect it unless you need a miracle.

But, this is where the magic happens..  when you come to the temple grounds, you literally unplug from all the toxic nnEMF’s in the city and your immune system is allowed to reset.  Being unplugged, we are allowed to recalibrate with Nature and God’s Law becomes our natural state.

We consider our temple an EMF free sanctuary.  Our entire electrical system is run off a micro hydro grid, and has barely any wiring or outlets, and our satellite wifi signal is so weak, you can really get some massive healing benefits.

So leave the electronic devices at home and bask in the pure resonance of Divine Natural Creation and allow yourself to be rejuvenated.

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