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Module 1- Intention, Integrity, Foundation

TempleKeeper August 1, 2022
Practical intro above

Spiritual Commentary below:
Your temple or church is a sanctuary for your members, it is the highest level of protection you can offer your members and organization.

Your rights and protections DO NOT COME FROM PAPERWORK. They come from AUTHENTIC and SINCERE faith and community.

Integrity is everything. It is the force invokes the fullness of God’s Divine PROTECTION~ Always interact in the fullness of your integrity.

Inside yourself, as a Minister, you are connected powerfully to Source. From now on, (if its not already) Your ONLY master is GOD. Nothing exists but you and Source in this dance of Creation and Created. Follow this inner guidance above all else.

The path to true salvation and Heaven on Aerthe is narrow… the gate small. You are the templekeeper to this inner sanctuary where God resides.

You are setting up a ministry to step into a leadership role as a conduit for Divine wisdom and guidance to flow through you to others whom do not have access to this. You are not a Guru, you are not in hierarchy above your members…. you are in Service.. as one who heals, who helps point each person back to their inner power.

Everyone is your teacher.. and you will never come into a position of Service or Healing to anyone whose medicines and wisdom were not mutually reciprocal with yours. As you Channel, Guide, Heal and Teach~ every soul will come to you in service too, to allow you to share your medicine and wisdom through your physical words- be it verbal, writing or actions- so that YOU may receive the medicine. From here it it becomes an infinity loop of service and healing. As Ministers, the currency we get paid in comes direct from God, in the form of energy to help even when you are fatigued, skills above what you possess on your own to help heal and be over service, insight, wisdom clarity and miracles.

These items on currency will ensure you are never in need and that you always are supported in your mission, should you make the switch from fiat currency, to God’s currency. You will realize you are always on the clock. Never worry about tit for tat. Set up structures as best you can to cover the cost of your needs as well as those you serve. The better you get at using that fiat for their benefit, the more you shall receive.

And remember, Every time you heal, or offer in service, it is simply because you are a resonant match to them.

It would behoove you to practice treating each person as if God resides in them, and at anytime, God could be working through them to reach you…. Because God does live in everyone and everything.

In our relationships and in our Ministry, taking a role of service and FIDUCIARY to our members will open the petals of our heart and allow for even greater miracles to come to you and those you are in service too.

It is my deepest honor to take you on this journey into Minsitry.


Minister Marie

(Kalina Lux)


Write a list of the qualities of the people you feel called to serve.

Brainstorm how you could be of service to them, write a list of specific needs they have in terms of protection or services.

Draw a map and/or and outline/diagram of your ministry, all its components, and its potential future integrated auxiliaries.