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Module 2 Your Unique Faith & Doctrine

TempleKeeper October 15, 2022
Trust the wisdom that is inside of you, Take yourself seriously.

God has put a unique blend of medicine and guidance inside of you, and has CALLED you forth into being of Service to others who NEED the exact medicine and guidance that you carry.

There is no higher honor or purpose than to serve others in this way.

That being said, it is challenging to write something that is meant to stay static and endure the test of time, as we are all growing and evolving constantly.

This is where simplicity comes in. These should also offer protection and guidance.

This stage is crucial to ensure that you sit with these until you KNOW that God has put them directly in your soul and they are meant to be written in stone with minimal revision. That is what they will do. Because even if you abandon your ministry all together, any member in your organization can continue the lineage, so ensure that these are as pure as can be.

There are two main highways of information available to us as Humanity: One that is almost exclusively used, that runs from the external inward. The external inputs of chaos and man run into you and attempt to define what you think and who you are. Then, there is the highway that runs directly from God to you, then from you outward. In the former, the external defines you, in the latter, God defines you through which you then define reality. This is the highway we are tasked with as Ministers to stay steadfast on. It is not easy, but you are being called into a sacred role to be diligent in this. From this authority and self mastery, you may begin to lay YOUR influence, that comes from The Creator into reality. Not the other way around.

I dont recommend seeking externally for these, do not read anothers work and attempt to copy it. Let no other major religion or dogma or trendy instagram accounts influence what you write. Only seek INSIDE. Sit in prayer for hours or days or even YEARS if you must, but let this truly be the cornerstone of your temple or church.

Trust what is inside of you. If you do not have a clear channel to God inside yourself, begin to practice receiving The Divine Word from the Source Spring and Well within yourself. YOU are a minister. And I tell you this NOT to have it go to your head, you are and will always be in Service~ but you have risen your level of responsibility to be in fiduciary care of others, know and have faith if you dont already that God will be there to work through you, now and always. Always choose the path of your highest integrity, even with those moments to yourself alone, including impeccable self care.

To be a steward and a fiduciary for others mean its now your complete responsibility to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health. Remain in balance. If you notice you have gotten yourself too far into action or masculine energy, intentionally shift to the feminine, non action, meditation, prayer, self care, and the reverse goes too.

You are not yours solely anymore, you belong to those you serve, and God alone… so take the highest care of self, because you must be a clear channel for God to work through.

Restricting ferments to only those that are health giving and nurturing is essential, as well as other spirits such as plant medicine. Taking on these entities into ones body creates competition with the pure light of Source Divine. Keep your channel pure, serve only one master, or perhaps your religion allows for the serving of many— now is the time to get very clear as this should not be changed ever.

Your members who join have joined with a certain expectation that your unique Doctrine and Tenets are solid. They are a contract of the highest form, between You, God, and Member… it is irrevocable.

So do put the highest of pure intention into this aspect.

I share this with all the love my heart is capable of producing,


Minister Marie


Write your Doctrine and Tenets.

Revise no more than 5 times.

Trust yourself.

Take a constant assessment of the highways of information in your life, actively shift to the less traveled highway.