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Module 4- Affidavit of Church Establishment

TempleKeeper August 1, 2022

The following documents are generic examples to help you create your own.  This is a general structure and contains all the elements needed to meet the requirements, but from these examples i urge you to write your own. 

Once you have created these documents, get them notarized, sealed and stamped with your official materials and store them away in a safe dry storage place.  Can print them on bond paper to help them last longer, the heavier weight and cotton paper obviously lasts longer.  You may also digitize them in case of natural disaster.  

The important thing is to not share them publicly.  Your documents are not for prying eyes, they are solely for proof should anyone ever try to question the validity of your intentions.  

The 4 people are 2 members of the church, and the Senior and Associate minister.  The two members of the church are your witnesses.  You will need 2 ministers.  Choose these people with the utmost of care integrity and alignment.  

***Please note: The views expressed in the following documents do not represent the beliefs of Templīs Aquária.  They are merely examples.   


Write your Affidavit of Church Establishment