Become a Minister

In truth, God ordains everyone to be a temple for the Divine. However, only a few of us actually feel called to step into a role of Ministry.  


Ad-Minister over your own Divine Estate

When we invoke the term Minister, we are invoking the highest title in God’s Law. This is why we see the word hidden in plain site in high ranking titles such as Prime Minister and Administer. Becoming a minister can change one’s life with the powerful codes encrypted and uploaded to your biofield.   

Administer over your Divine Estate, become the Prime Minister of your life.  


As one adopts the Ministerial title, invoking the legalese term Minister, we begin our powerful initiation into self-mastery, and self-accountability as we deepen our connection to Source. Gems in the form of secret wisdom known to ancient mystics begins to unveil themselves to you in new ways and doors begin to present themselves that were never there before, doors that lead to Sovereignty, Self-Mastery, Self-Governance and eventually innerstanding at adept levels on your unique path back to Zero Point. 


At Templīs Aquária, we offer 3 tiers of Ordination packages, for those ready to answer the call to take on the sacred encryption of the title.   


As a minister you may: 

-Sign off on Religious exemptions 

-Perform Weddings, Funerals

-Bless Environments, Locations & Situations

-Oversee Schools and Learning Institutions

-Share Discipline

-Organize and Oversea Worship Services

-Engage in Spiritual and Religious Instruction

-Invoke and Engage Spiritual Law

-Engage students

-Teach and Prosper

-Open your own Church (508c1a)

-Be tax exempt as a church

-Open a Church Bank Account

-Open a Church Trust





The Powers and Abilities of a Religious Organization is as follows: 

Exempt from Income Tax

Exempt from Sales Tax

Exempt from Property Tax

Tax exemption (total)

Form your own Religious/Ecclesiastical Government

Ceremonial Capabilities of Weddings

Ceremonial Capabilities of Naming(s)

Ceremonial Capabilities of Coronations

Ceremonial Capabilities of Consecrations

Ceremonial Capabilities of Ordinations

Ceremonial Capabilities of Graduations

Ceremonial Capabilities of Rites

Ceremonial Capabilities of Investiture

Receive Tax Deductible Contributions

Be Un-Incorporated 

Religious education of all type

Diplomatic Immunity

Give meaning to/of Religion 

Validate Affirmations


Ordination Offerings

We Offer 3 Tiers