Potlucks and Toiletries

We are not dogmatic about diet nor subscribe to the idea that everyone should eat the same things; to be an autocratic society means that you are the master over your own body, which includes the authority to choose the diet and lifestyle that is best for you.  There are many different types of diets within our temple body ranging from vegan, raw vegan, farm to table and even carnivore, and each member is respected to nourish themselves in accordance with whatever their soul dictates its so.  In alignment with regenerative agriculture, its always preferred to know and vet the source of your food to ensure quality and purity, but we will receive your offering for our communal potlucks regardless with open hearts! 


As for toiletries, we are on a gray water system, which means that everything we flush, rinse or wash ends up in our garden, so please be mindful of this when choosing toiletries.  There will be eco friendly shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, body wash and hand soaps provided for you in the accommodations.  A note on the outdoor tubs, no soaps, bubbles, artificial soaks, however salt, flowers, herbs, and the like are acceptable.  Also, please refrain from adding essential oils. 


We look forward to hosting you on site for your temple stay or at our next temple service. 

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Internet and Phone Service

No Cell Signal or Wifi ~Because our location is so remote, there is literally only one wifi provider.  This provider unfortunately is the most unreliable and slow, worst yet, its insanely expensive.   It only supports one device at a time, and they charge us $120 per 25mbs.  When it rains or is overcast, there is no signal.  For this reason, we do not offer guests wifi access.