Creating Independent Infrastructure for Members
True Heaven on Aerthe

The power coursing through our Doctrine & Tenets has shaken and inspired us to our core, that we have been dedicating every waking moment to solutions to the worlds most pressing crisis for our members.  Property rights, rights to govern our own bodies in accordance with our sincere religious beliefs, and lifestyle including health decisions, is paramount for us.  We have been exploring several avenues to help navigate all our members safely to the shores of our Divine Inheritance.

Some of the goals we are fundraising for include lawful strategies about getting ourselves out of the public jurisdiction, and into the private sector.  We already are a private Faith Based Organization, 508c1a, thank you to all who donated to get that officially on the books.  Our next goals are to also create and open a Private Membership Association, which will provide even further legal and lawful protection.  We will eventually have an app for the PMA section of our Church that will offer personal resources and suggestions for a roadmap to safety.

We are strategizing using every angle of peaceful lawful negotiation we have, to create a special status for our members, as an independently recognized ecclesiastic nation, and as such, achieve Diplomatic Immunity, in the Private sector as we move about in the Public.  This is quite a lofty goal, and due to the fact that we have never faced this worldwide circumstances before, we are blazing an unchartered trail- but, we believe with God’s protection and guidance, we will be safely guided into to the shores of sanctuary.    With all of our members uniting in a common goal to manifest our world, it’s inevitable, yet, we are not offering a savior type of experience, as we do not possess all the answers nor know the exact road to take, its all new, to meet the circumstances of todays chaotic world.  Let it be clear, we are not to use this as escapism from the real work, to achieve Heaven on Aerthe, each of us must do the inner work to become an aligned match to reflect Heaven within, Heaven with out.

Our strategy at the moment is as follows:

1. Create 508c1a Faith Based Organization in the Private $360 plus $60 per month for 1 year (done)

2. Create an Ecclesiastic Trust $2200 (done)

3. Launch App to help our members navigate into New Aerthe. *Update, we did this, but there was not enough usage to justify the high overhead. We have replaced the app with Discord for now until we build a decentralized version.

4. Build a community center for temple gatherings on site during inclement weather as our memberships locally have grown.  (Fundraising for this currently)

5. Create our own Private, Fungible Currency AQA Token on DERO blockchain, the worlds only truly encrypted fungible currency to protect members from Social Credit Score System. (In the process)

6. Create a network of private decentralized airport/heliport nodes first starting with Puerto Rico, then expanding. (In the process)

7. Create Private Membership Organization with life long litigation support. $10,000 (a note on this, since the urgency to get a PMA outweighed the ability to raise $10,000 to go through the service of choice with life long litigation, we temporarily went with the next best option till we are as abundant to obtain the PMA through

8. Attain recognized ecclesiastic Nation Status, as Templīs Aquárians (Unknown Cost)

9. Negotiate Peaceful Private Accommodations from harmful procedures, on the private backend at the state, federal and international level.

10. Build Heaven on Aerthe (on site build out: eco village, regenerative farm to table cafe, etc)

11. Live Free and Prosper in Peace, Health, & Love under God.

Of course many of these things cost an enormous amount of cash to create, file, etc.  Every penny of your donations will go to these goals. Thank you all for every generous donation offered, and know that we won’t rest until our goals are achieved in Peace and Honor for the Highest good for all our Church Members future nation.