Aqua Aria

Our Breath is considered one of the most sacred tools we have, as it is the Source, the Spirit-  Re-Spiration has the encoding of Spirit in it as does In-Spiration, both are expressions of Zero-Point, or better known as the state of grace in which one inhabits God Consciousness, the entirety of Source Consciousness.  

Breath is the Sacred Guide to get us to this state, and it is the aim and the foundation of our temple’s teaching and practices to be in a constant state of awareness of the Breath, actively controlling it, slowing it down, growing our lung capacity, and simultaneously increasing ability to perceive our programing, rise above it as the Conscious CoCreators destined to dream in Heaven on Aerthe.  With enough practice of this prayer, it gives the maximum probability that one may achieve spontaneous Zero-Point, or God Consciousness. 

This is our prayer, our devotional Breathwork, being present in every waking moment to our breath, always inhaling and exhaling exclusively through the nose, never the mouth unless physically exerting, and even then sparingly, as even just 1 exhale through the mouth decreases oxygen carrying capacity for up to 40 minutes by 30-70%, this puts us automatically into fight or flight, which robs us of any opportunity not only to live at our optimal health, but any chance to attain Zero Point is obliterated, as you may never attain the grandest expression of self/octive in a state that constricts you to just a mere shell of vibration.  

I know this is a complex subject and it may be harder to grasp  at this is truly something one must have a physiological and experiential gnosis of, in order to obtain the “Faith” … its a rare state of grace that is most challenging to obtain, but 100% possible with our devotion and dedication.  

A note on masks or face coverings- As a Templīs Aquárian, breath is amongst the pinnacle of sacred acts and tools for us to attain Union with the Divine, masks are looked at as a highly profane device as it literally blocks you from Source, figuratively, literally, metaphorically, and in every possible way.  It epitomizes the opposite of our beliefs and practices, and all Templīs Aquárians will have our full support when asserting your religious rights to commune with Spirit.  In our first tenet, we know and hold to be true that NOTHING can stand between Source and Self, and masks symbolize an intentional barrier all the while insulting the very fabric of our Faith that when we commune with the Divine, we are all powerful and hold the might of God in our every step and will always be protected, but, should we cut off that connection with a device so profane as a head or mouth covering, we are diminishing our Faith and connection to Creator.  

There are some key components to our main prayer, listed below. 

  • Set the space for your devotional Breathwork, the intention and duration, open with a prayer from fractilized self to the composite self, or Source, 

  • Always start with a gentle exhale through the nose, breathing out everything you possibly could, using your lower abdomen and diaphragm to push out all the dead used air,

  • Begin Inhaling Source Consciousness in slowly, and steadily through the nose for a reverse count of 8 seconds to begin with (you may increase the length naturally and gradually as you develop your practice), begin filling up your lungs from the bottom of your abdomen to the top, like a glass of water,

  • Upon the count down to 1 second pause for a moment, briefly acknowledging Zero Point (or the metaphor of it, if you still have yet to attain it)

  • Begin counting upward to 8, exhaling slow and steady, same pace as before, engaging the diaphragm, using the skeletal system to contract your lungs and abdomen from the top down, expelling every tiny atom of air,

  • Pause for a brief moment when you get to 8 acknowledging being a vessel for God’s Consciousness to exist on this dimension we find ourselves in,

  • Repeat for 8-15 times to oxygenate your mind, body, and prepare yourself for the duration of your prayer,

  • Allow your breath to return to normal nasal breathing in its natural cadence and allow yourself to be present in its natural rhythm.

  • Sit for as long as possible or for more advanced practitioners carry this prayer through out the day with you.

As you progress with this prayer, your lung capacity will increase, yielding more and more capacity to hold Spirit or God Consciousness and thus increase your abilities to profoundly create Heaven on Aerthe, as each of us are dully tasked with at this time.  You will notice that by utilizing this form or Breath as Prayer, your life will begin to flow in even greater harmonious and synchronous ways, and you will begin to catch all your old programming and upgrade yourself with complete mastery.  Aqua Aria breath is truly the foundation to Self-Mastery, Self-Ownership, and Autocracy, because everything is an external reflection of our internal state, and thus, we only have instated an external de facto govern-mente to reflect our lack of self governance inside.  To be truly autocratic, one must first master their own mind, and then from this state, govern themself under God Consciousness.  


It is with all my love that I present this faith and practice to you, fellow Aquarian.  

~ Minister Marie, also known as Kalina Lux