Autocracy is another term that is deserving of defining formally for the purposes of our temple, as the controllers of the world have found a way to distort even the basic definition of this term to something profane.


For the purposes of our temples discussion, Autocracy is exclusively defined as:

  1. The power of determining one’s own actions; independent or self-derived power; self-government; self-rule.

The dictionary over the years has attempted to take the most basic common sense definition of autocracy and create it to mean 1 person having absolute power, this is NOT the concept we acknowledge or recognize here at Templīs Aquária.


Autocracy refers to each person governing themselves, exclusively in their own jurisdiction, having supreme unlimited power over themselves and none other.  Each person derives their power from the authority of The Ineffable Divine and the union therein, and shall govern themself according to their highest expression of self and integrity.   Our core beliefs and principles as a temple is that each person is the master over themself, their lives, their spirituality and every aspect of existence, answering to none other than Source/God itself.    This is amongst the most sacred of tenets in our temple and indeed a cornerstone on which our foundation is built.