Zero Point

With such a trendy term amongst the growing ‘conscious’ community,  its essential to define the term Zero Point for our purposes here, as there are many different ideas floating around out there as to what Zero Point means.  For the purposes of our temple discussions, Zero Point refers to the experience of complete and total unification with Divine Mind,  Source, or God Consciousness.  It is the ultimate attainment of our highest possible consciousness while existing in these 3rd dimensional bodies, and is in fact an expression of faith, as defined under the new subset of inputs of Aquarius, more on this in a bit.  It can only be achieved and felt first hand, through experiential gnosis.  Through such an experience, we obtain unshakeable Faith arising from an inner tangible experience of existing at the highest level of consciousness or God’s Mind.  It is not something that can be read about and conceptualized, only experienced, though the temptation is there for the majority of people to speak of it as if they truly innerstand it, when in reality they have only read about it.  There is nothing wring with this state, but, if we don’t allow space for further discovery and attainment of this utterly mystical and profound experience.  Therefor, it is cautioned to the reader to not parlay intellectual renderings of Zero Point into an expression of Faith based on the astrological inputs of the prior epoch of Pisces- which drew its meaning purely from illusion, of chaos and of watery interpretation.  Faith meant blind faith, faith devoid of all inner gnosis, as opposed to the current inputs of the epoch we find ourselves in now of Aquarius.  In Aquarius, Faith takes on a different consistency.  Faith is derived from Air and Water, which translates to intellect and feeling, thus the natural extrapolation of it is Gnosis: an inner knowing derived from being FELT, which is a drastically different definition of Faith from the Age of Pisces.

Demystifying Zero Point makes it easier to attain and hold Zero Point Consciousness, as its our divine mission as Templīs Aquárians to be the conduit for this Divine state of consciousness to anchor itself into this realm, thus creating Heaven on Aerthe as we dream the world into existence utilizing this massive consciousness.

Imagine nesting Russian dolls, imagine that our body is existing at the level of the 3rd from the smallest doll, as we expand our aperture and consciousness, our energy field expands to larger and larger nesting dolls.  Zero Point would be the largest possible doll, encompassing all the dolls and all aspects of self/everything in existence.

It is rare to find individuals that have actually attained even glimpses of this state, the author of this (Kalina) up until recently have only met 2 individuals that I can verify have actually attained a taste of the ineffable.  But all that is changing with the new inputs of Aquarius, many more are spontaneously receiving these immaculate states of Grace with less work, and with more power.  The best tactic for it I have found is Aqua Aria breath, coupled with Nature (rivers, sun gazing, fresh air etc) and a clean diet with minimum exposure to nnEMF’s (non native Electro Magnetic Fields as in cell phones, towers, wifi etc).

We are at a profound time in our grand skyclock that is coded for the mass return of our entire consciousness to this realm.  Using the techniques we share will be pivotal, at minimum, in creating a drastically better quality of life and enable you to expand into the highest available expression of self.