Padre Dewitt


Founder of  Temple of Water & Air Unincorporated Family Church and Ministry (which was later shortened by his heirs to Templīs Aquária)


Padre Dewitt was the founder, visionary and inspiration for our encompassing spiritual path as Templīs Aquárians.  He lived a long and quiet life, till he was 94 and despite having obtained a PHD in Religion and Philosophy, Padre Dewitt had a plethora of concerns regarding organized religion and a blatant distaste for it.  He would gather up his family to do deep esoteric bible study sessions, things that were far too cutting edge for public eyes and ears in his days.  He was a lover of Truth and Nature’s Law’s.  He revered silence, and was an exemplary vessel for peace, accountability as well as the noble warrior when situations called for defending Sovereignty and the family unit.  He could often be found holding sermon on cliff sides over looking the coast which consisted of a short talk, but mostly the practice of breathing in nature as means to connect with the ineffable.   He has also authored many works which were kept private for his heirs, but his teachings and his work is the foundation upon which the powerful yet simple Doctrine and Tenets were established.


It is following in his legacy that his heirs continue on with this work and the temple formed, formally, herein.