Minister Marie

Temple Keeper, Senior Minister of Templīs Aquária

Founder and President of Templīs Aquária, PMA and Terre Aquae Aeris Trust

Daughter of Padre Dewitt, and a life long student of the Great Mystery, Nature’s Laws, and all the various forms of the Fractal In~Spiration…

The Breath flowing through all… on a mission to invoke our intrinsic rights for all living men and women, manifest potent strategies for parallel/ breakaway societies and inspire the attainment of Zero-Point amongst the bridging communities of similar spiritual calling.

She’s also peacock/chicken mom, artist, dancer, healer, designer, researcher and privacy enthusiast living off grid in the remote jungles of Puerto Rico learning to grow her own food and live autonomously alongside nature.



“I very much hope you get to visit and immerse yourself in the pristine perfection of nature, ponder upon the beauty and know that the beauty you witness in nature, is in fact an external reflection of your Microbiome. Spend time sitting in mediation, achieve inner mastery so the outer world can reflect nothing but Sovereingty back to you in every way.

May the contents of this site provide illumination on your journey.”


List of Interviews and Works:

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