By using this website or app titled “Templīs Aquária” you agree to being a member of our Private Membership Association.

Templīs Aquária Church, Private Membership Association Agreement

A. By being a member of this church/temple, website, telegram group, and/or a church member, it means you consent to not sharing about our teachings, our spiritual practices, intimate beliefs, and our temple’s physical location to eyes or ears that:

  1. Could jeopardize our sacred space
  2. To outlets like mass media, mainstream, low frequency sources like podcasts and Instagram influencer accounts that aren’t aligned with our core visions. 
  3. Would result in legal battles and issues with Templīs Aquária Church, or its ministers.
  4. Are involved with governmental structures that we are transitioning out of,
  5. Are not spiritually ready for the information we share or have not sought out our information organically due to alignment (to protect the free will of people who have elected to be in the debt-slave matrix).

Be on your highest integrity and make your own judgements. We will not be policing, but rather share this document to help inform you of the container we wish to create, we trust that each member will solemnly strive to protect our space and self-govern accordingly.

B. You agree under penalty of perjury you are not an agent defined as one who is working for the state/federal or any of their associated agencies, the de facto government or any agency who is undercover, or obtaining information for the purposes of controlled opposition, defamation, or incrimination. If found that you are working in this capacity, and attempt to defame or disclose information to agencies of the old fallen decaying de facto world, you agree to the terms in our fee schedule, and will be liable to compensate Templīs Aquária by means of 40 tons of .999% pure silver.

C. Also, by being a member of this group, you understand that none of the courses, strategies, or info that our ministers, members, or guest teachers share are guaranteed any results, as a one size fits all solution or even truth, as every case is dependent upon your situation and location on your spiritual path. Templīs Aquária does not censor our platform, as it violates our policy, and we do not endorse any instructor or course, as any of our members can post a listing or class.  Expressing your sovereignty through Law and spirituality are very connected, just as self healing and activating dormant skills. It’s up to each member to study, do their own due diligence, ask their higher self, and discover how to ad-minister their unique process to achieve Heaven on Aerthe, both lawfully and spiritually and in regard to health and healing as well.

D. We, as Ministers of Templīs Aquária Church do not give legal, financial or health advice, we only shed light as to the spiritual under tones of said subjects and how they correlate to your external expression, reflected in the 3rd dimension holographic external reality, also demonstrated in those areas above.
None of our Ministers of Templīs Aquária Church endorse or vouch for the material guest teachers, members, and ministers say as Truth. Please always do your own due diligence and if something doesn’t feel right to your intuition, do not under any circumstances follow it. You are your own master, always align to where you want to go energetically before making moves. A word of caution regarding Patriot Mythology and anything regarding UCC, Templīs Aquária does not recommend these trains of thoughts, but we respect each member as their own master, and we recognize we know nothing, and due to the holographic nature of existence, what works for you may not work for another.  We will not tell you what to do, but non of our ministers are currently engaging in any “Patriot Mythology” regarding law as there may be traps hidden amongst the truth.

E. Please note, our Affidavits work for our members because of our sincerely held faith.  If you do not plan to be an active member of our community, and fully believe with the purity of your heart in our Doctrine and Tenets, please reconsider joining.  We do not “sell” affidavits, they are there to protect our members whom are being persecuted due to their beliefs.  To water it down with members only joining to get an exemption but not be a sincere member is a disservice to our collective faith. Thank you for honoring that. Attend our services, you will truly be glad you did.

F. Use of this site entails agreeing to the following statements:

  1. I, of my own free will and in good faith, and with the capacity to contract, hereby enter into this membership agreement with Templīs Aquária, and
  2. I hereby accept and acknowledge that there is an monthly membership fee of a donation $7.77 USD monthly for use of the app, however I further understand that the currency exchanged is given under variation by agreement under International law wherein the currency itself does not create third party obligations against this membership agreement, and
  3. I willingly agree to abide by the Templīs Aquária Doctrine & Tenets listed on our website specifically regarding the tenet that it is strictly against our faith to accept genetic modification in the form of injections and combine our blood with that of beasts. By signing this contract both parties agree to be bound to the terms of: NEVER receive mRNA genetically modifying therapy or treatments, and that neither party has ever undergone such medical treatments.   No exceptions can be made on this, and

G. Non-Disclosure Agreement

  1.  I am in full understanding that information that is obtained and/or learned is under non-disclosure in accordance with Article V of the By-Laws wherein any information is not to be shared with any one person or entity outside of Templīs Aquária without written consent of Templīs Aquária Trustee.  I affirm that I may not be questioned or coerced by any outside agency to obtain information in the aforementioned Private Membership Association, and

H. Voluntary Disclosure

  1. In the event that information is voluntarily disclosed to a non-member, a 20 tons of .999% pure silver fine is hereby attached to said voluntary disclosure, and

I. Involuntary Disclosure

  1. In the event coercion has taken place by any agent, officer or other body for the purpose of extracting information used for any purpose against Templīs Aquária, the member’s liability transfers to the agent or officer of up to 20 tons of .999% pure silver in fines and penalties lodged against the member, and

J. Security of Templīs Aquária

  1. I affirm that I am not acting as a representative/agent or in any capacity officially for any City, County, State, or Federal agency solely attempting to trespass against Templīs Aquária and its members, and
  2. I affirm I am requesting membership solely for the social benefits of being associated with other likeminded members and to assemble within a safe and comfortable environment, and
  3. Agreed upon by both parties by mutual consent on this day, marked at the bottom of this document, and

K. Let it be know that this private contract and agreement is made between living men/women, who reserve all their God-Given rights, without exception, in spite of the inability to physically or digitally capture your signature, by use of this site/app you agree that this implies your legal signature on this document.

L. Let it be known that this agreement is a private contract and shall not be released to any other agency, being, or entity other that Templīs Aquária, PMA,  its Church division and its admin only for our personal records unless the terms herein have been violated, or as needed to protect our members from outside hostile forces.

M. Be it known that none of our ministers are also not any of the above stated things such as Government Agent, Controlled Opposition etc, and shall uphold the agreement on every bullet point and statement just as each member.

By:  YOUR NAME has been inserted in here by use of this app.  Binding Contract.
[Inserted Signature of member as per usage of the site/app]

Templīs Aquária Church Member

By: Kalina Lux

Temple Keeper, Templīs Aquária