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Congrats on your Lifetime temple membership! You do not owe yearly dues, but your donations help up keep the temple site going for our members, so if you feel called to make a donation, you may do so under >>>>Donation Causes<<<<

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How to Access your Affidavit:   Watch this thorough video to get the certificate that you need to complete your exemption.  It will teach you all you need to know about using your exemption too! 

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Private Temple Calls-


The private classes and temple services are where members get the most value.  There are times where members will be invited to take part in exclusive Q&A’s and calls.  All temple services are free, but we often have guest instructors who teach from within our temple, and each member not only can become an instructor, but also set their prices.  Templīs Aquária collects none of their donations, and each member donates directly to that instructor on the site.

If the button says Start, there is no charge, if the button says Register, there will be a price, typically $20-$30 depending on the instructor.  


It truly is, in my opinion, the most fantastic time to be alive, because we are witnessing the destruction and total unraveling of the concept that one man or woman has the authority to tell another how to govern their life.  It’s an opportunity for a reset, and because of this, those of us that are educating ourselves in the ways of New Sovereign Aerthe, have the true power to liberate and empower ourselves in profound ways.


Truly an honor to share this journey with you.


Ushering in Heaven on Aerthe,


Kalina Lux

Temple Keeper & Senior Minister