Visiting the Temple Grounds

Templis Aquária, Private Membership Association is of Separate and Equal Station amongst all other entities of the world.

And as such, when you enter our grounds, you are in the jurisdiction of Templis Aquária, and no other governing body or their rules can be recognized.

Things to Know Prior to Visiting

7:00 Quiet time rising
7:30 Tea
8:00 Study
9:00 Meet on Temple Deck for Yoga
10:00 Aqua Aria at the River Rocks
10:30 Brunch
12:30 Member Lead Movement Workshops
2:00 Waterfall Plunge
14:00 Outdoor Baños 2 by 2 (according to schedule)
15:00 Dinner preparation & Fire and Music Session
  • All members must autograph our PMA agreement, Ask the TempleKeeper immediately for the form if you have not done so. Only Members are allowed to enter the temple grounds unless given a guest pass by the TempleKeeper, 
  • We are an Autocratic Ecclesia, which maintains the standing of “Separate and Equal Station” to all other entities, therefor only recognizes our own Jurisdiction.
  • When you enter the temple grounds, all previous titles are no longer recognized outside of our jurisdiction.
  • No Smoking, Vaping, Cannabis, Drinking, Plant Medicine or Drugs on the temple grounds.  No Exceptions. 
  • No parties, glass bottles, loud music/yelling to respect others while in prayer or meditation,
  • Our official currency is AQA Token, of which you can obtain from the currency exchange office,
  • No Littering, do your best to pick up rogue trash blown on the property from the street,
  • If given an entry code, Do not share it nor our location with anyone,
  • Max 4 cars allowed to park in our parking lot in the proper configuration,  All else must utilize street parking,
  • Parking at the lower parking lot is prohibited with out prior permission by the onsite TempleKeeper,
  • No pets allowed to protect the grounds and resident animals,
  • There is no guest wifi and limited if any cell signal, please plan accordingly,
  • Be kind to our animals, but they are not allowed inside the accommodations, especially the birds,
  • Max occupancy is 10 unless specifically otherwise authorized by the Templekeeper,
  • No music at Aquaella Falls, or unauthorized ceremonies outside of formally scheduled events,
  • Understand Templis Aquaria, PMA is not liable for any falls or injuries that happen on the grounds, in the rivers/waterfalls, on the bridges or elements, enter at your own risk,
  • If rain storms come while in the river, its strongly advised to exit immediately as flash floods occur and can be deadly,
  • Do not disclose our location or nature of our events on the premises as to honor our covenants with Creator we do not speak of our Faith publicly,
  • All members of the temple agree to abide by the Doctrine and Tenets listed on our website.