The Sanctuary of Divine Truth isWithin You

Ware a temple for the Aquarian Age, based in syncretism & deep esoteric gnosis, drawing on all ancient sacred texts as well as modern cutting edge science, meeting at the intersection between all them. We have roots from the ancient Christian sect, the Aquarians, who abstained from wine and drank water instead. 

There is something unique about the Age of Aquarius: it facilitates an opportunity for a truly decentralized way of living.  It’s mantra could be summarized as “Unity of the collective by way of privacy and freedom of the individual”.   Because nature’s most basic and ancient alchemical law states: As Above, So Below, the first thing that must be restructured in the theme of decentralization is our spirituality.  Should we accomplish this, all other systems will follow, yielding an era of Heaven on Aerthe. 

Aerthe~ Air and Ether symbolizing the New Earth of Aquarius.  

In Truth, there is no entity that can stand between you and Source.  You are the node that directly connects to this Divine Construct that envelops us in pure, blissful, unconditional love.  You are the master over your own spirituality, and the creator of your life that could become the embodiment of Heaven on Aerthe, as God intended. 

Our temple offers online and onsite services and retreats for members. Services take place online and at our temple grounds regularly. 

~You are a living Temple of Water & Air~

Templīs Aquária, offers sanctuary to those seeking relief from prosecution of old world, decaying institutions. Such systems of the past believe we should pollute our bodies and minds with poisons such as chemicals our foods and lies in the media. We believe every living being is a 

Temple of Water and Air.
Templīs Aquária- temples of water & air…

As a Temple, it’s your God given right to: own property, (i.e. your body, offspring, home, possessions, etc) and to govern your property in reflection of your vision of Heaven on Aerthe, under God’s command. We are the Heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven, and as such, we are ordained by God to create Heaven on Aerthe.

Is that of Breath~ When we meditate using Breath as a bridge to the totality of this present moment, sometimes spontaneous moments of grace arise where we are experiencing the one divine mind, or what we call, Zero Point.  It is a state of mind that can be envisioned as if one has expanded outward to become everything in existence, yet at a single point that cannot be pinpointed; it is a total experience of Divine Absolution. In the Sikh tradition they refer to it as Waheguru, in Hindu traditions its called Samadi, in Deep Esoteric Christianity its known as Christ-Consciousness.  Zero Point cannot be conceptualized, or read about and thought into being with the force of the mind; only via “God’s Grace” or through long term diligent meditation and detoxification/purification of the body via diet and thoughts can one attain this transcendental experience.  Meditation is one of the greatest ways to obtain inner peace, harmony and to purify the thoughts, and we incorporate it into Aqua Aria in our practice to attain unity with The Divine. 

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~Service to Truth~

The time has come for us to reconnect with ancient technologies and understand them in terms of modern cutting edge science, and create a new mindset in regards to our intrinsic powers of healing and spirituality that each of us has waiting to be claimed inside.

There has never been more of a need for us to remember the immense power of the nature within to heal, adapt, and persist on, ever in perfect balance, just as we observe in nature around us heal and adapt. We too have the power to merge with this sacred and natural life force~ built in perfect balance, to rejoin the Garden of Eden and realize our own inherent perfection and divinity: whole, balanced, powerful, supremely loving.

The time for this consciousness to rise is now, restoring the wisdom of aeons past with the technology of NOW, we come to bring decentralization of authority over our internal mental landscapes and our divine temples back to each of us at an individual level.

For those of you who are in resonance with these beliefs, we are honored to be in fellowship with you, as we rediscover and claim our birth right to dream the dream of Heaven on Aerthe and actualize it!

You are invited to discover your own inner mastery while connecting deeper into Union with the divine mystery and intelligence, that some may call God…

Anyone can become a member whether you are local or online if you feel a resonance with our mission.