Privacy Policy

Templīs Aquária will NEVER disclose a list of our members to any one.  We value privacy above all else, according to our faith that dictates that our spiritual practices are only meant for those in close spiritual counsel when appropriate and mostly private solely between Source Creator and ourself.  
No external entity calling itself an authority will ever be granted access to our members names, whereabouts, beliefs, practices etc, as the profane has no business dealing in matters of the sacred.  But they could probably get it if they wanted, so be mindful.  We aim to be a sanctuary from persecution by these old world structures, and your heart can rest safely here knowing that you are in fellowship with others that value privacy at the utmost priority when it comes to the most sacred relationship of our lives, that between Creator, ourself and our community whom we share faith and gnosis.  

However, if anyone intruding on our space with intentions to trespass against us in our sacred container, the legally binding document that you must sign to access our sermons, services, Sunday classes, and member chat will absolutely be brought forth to the highest court to ensure justice for breach of contract is enforced at the highest levels.  The software we used is recognized at the highest courts and de facto system as a legally binding contract, it snaps your IP address, time and location, and should any NPC, Agent or other letter agency employee enter into our temple with ill intent, you will be held accountable, as you will be entering the jurisdiction of the PMA, who exists in separate but equal station to all other entities in the world. You have been dully notified. 

This being said, be mindful of your privacy.  This is a simple wordpress site, it is not built with the capacity to protect your data if others want to hack into it, act accordingly.  We recommend maximizing privacy in all ways, nesting identities, and decentralizing your online presence.  A good resource for you is this youtube channel:

Please do your part to protect your privacy and get educated.